Broadcast Fax Document Import
Load a document that can be fax to a list of fax numbers.
Document Number
A three digit number used to identify a document. When selecting a document, they will be displayed in numerical order. If multiple documents are selected, the will be sent in a numerically ascending order. The field will initially be set to the next available document number.
Document Title
The name of the document. The name is displayed when selecting document. The document name can be changed on the View Documents page. Specifying a name is optional.
Document File
The location of a file that contains the document to load. The document data must be in one of the following formats: Postscript or PDF are the recommended formats. This is because your text is not initially rendered to an image format, but instead the fonts can be optimized to resolution required by the fax transmission.

For PNG and TIFF files, generating a width of 1728 pixels (or less) and a height of 2156 pixels (or less) will prevent scaling issues. Leave blank space at the top of the document for the fax headers (if the document height is less than 2156, some blank space will be added for you).

Documents should be in black and white or greyscale. All fax transmissions will be in black and white, so any color or greyscale images will be converted to black and white during the import process. In general, loading a pure black and white document is best, but if converting the document to black and white results in images that are dithered and the images are going to be scaled during the import process (scaling will almost always happen for images embedded in postscript and PDF documents) then it may be better to leave the images in greyscale. All text should be set to black or white (dithered text is generally unreadable).

Overwrite the existing document
If checked, an existing document with the same document number will be deleted before loading the new document.
If unchecked, an error message will be displayed if the document number already exists.
Document is landscape instead of portrait
If checked, postscript and PDF document will be rotated 90 degress during the import process
If unchecked, the document will not be rotated.