Broadcast Fax Import List
Allows you to import a list of fax numbers and names.
List Number
A three digit number used to identify a list. When selecting a list, they will be displayed in numerical order. The field will initially be set to the next available list number.
List Title
The name of the list. The name is displayed when selecting lists and may also be used as part of the default event name. The list name can be changed later by clicking rename on the View Lists page. Specifying a name is optional.
List Data
The location of a file that contains the fax numbers, names, and any other data you want to load. The list data must be in one of the following formats: For all formats, there should be one recipient per row. The default column order is:
  1. Fax number (required)
  2. Recipient name (recommended)
  3. Company name (recommended)
  4. Address line 1
  5. Address line 2
  6. City
  7. State
  8. Zip code
  9. Country
The fax number is required in order to send a fax. It is the number that will be called

The recipient and company names are recommended as they will typically show up as part of the fax header. When these names are available, a To: field is added to help assure delivery to the named recipient. The fields are separated by a '/' character and may contain any text. For example, you could put a company name and general job title if you are not able to fax to a specific person.

The additional columns are stored on the system and can be used for customized drop in text. Athough we have default labels for an address, the actual values may be anything as they are not directly used.

Overwrite old list data
If checked, an existing list with the same list number will be deleted before loading the new list.
If unchecked, an error message will be displayed if the list number already exists.
Columns are in custom order
If checked, an additional step is added to the import process where you can select how to re-order the input columns.
If unchecked, the system will attempt to use the default column order. The default column order wants the first three columns to contain 'fax' 'name' and 'company' and will automatically reorder the columns if headers are available.
Allow duplicate fax numbers
If this checkbox is selected, the list will not be checked for duplicate fax numbers.
If unchecked, then only the first row containing a particular fax number will be imported.