Broadcast Fax Import List

The list data must be tab-separated data, one number per row. Using cut-n-paste from a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel will paste using the tab-separated format.

Column Format

The first column must be the Fax Number. It is the number that will be dialed when sending your fax.

For standard configurations, the second and third columns, if present, are used on the fax header as a To: address to provide better delivery to the named recipient. The text from the two columns is separated by a '/' character and may contain any text so, for example, you could put a company name and general job title if you are not able to fax to a specific person. The maximum number of characters available is generally enough to print both a long full name and a long company name but varies depending on the text because the font used is a variable width font rather than a fixed width font.

Columns beyond 3 are stored on the system and can be used for customized drop in text. Our default labels for the next 5 are Addr1, Addr2, City, State, Zip. There are an additional 14 columns beyond these that are generically labeled field7 through field20.

If your list data has columns listed in a different order, you can check the change column order checkbox and you will get a chance to re-order your columns during the import process.


Example with names:
555-555-1212<tab>John Smith<tab>Widgets R Us
555-555-1214<tab>Office Manager<tab>Flowers To Go
555-555-1213<tab><tab>Food Shop