Broadcast Fax Start Event

This is where you can start a broadcast fax event.

At this point you should have already loaded a list and a document.

To start a broadcast, you need to select a list and a document to send. You can select multiple lists and multiple documents if you wish. If you select multiple documents, they will all be sent in one fax call and they will be sent in the order they are listed (not the order you select them). The listed order is sorted by document number, so you can control the order by carefully selecting the document numbers when you load your documents.

Broadcast Title

The broadcast title is an internal display name for your broadcast. If you don't set your own broadcast title, the system will generate one for you based on the names of the lists you select.

To set a custom broadcast title, click on the button labeled 'click to add custom title' and a empty field will appear. Enter your custom broadcast title in the field. You can leave the field blank to use the system generated title.

Email Sender

Only displayed if any of your lists contain a email address in the fax recipient field
The email sender address is used as the From address when sending your fax images via email. Any bounced emails will be returned to the from address. If the from address is not set, it will prevent any email from being sent and those recipients will be marked with a 'Missing Sender' status.

Email Subject

Only displayed if any of your lists contain a email address in the fax recipient field
The email subject is used as the subject line field when sending your fax images via email. If the subject is not set, it will prevent any emails from being sent and those recipients will be marked with a "Missing Subject' status.

Broadcast to list(s)

The list or lists of people you wish to send faxes to. To select multiple lists, hold down the control key (sometimes labeled CTRL). The order you select the lists will not have any effect on the broadcast.

Cover page

Adding a cover page will attach an additional page to the start of your fax.

The default background will dynamically include the fields you fill out to create a cover page that specifies the date sent, the fax number and name you are sending it to, your from information if filled out, plus a subject, page count, and any additional notes you entered.

You can also pick a document to use as a background. The background document may be any image you wish, but the date, to, from, subject, and notes will be overlayed on top of it in fixed locations. To determine the fixed locations, send yourself a fax using a blank cover document (not the default cover though, as that has dynamic positioning) with the fields you are going to use filled out. Then create your real cover document so that it has blank spots for the fields in the right positions.

The TO information on the cover page is provided by your lists. It will always include the fax number being faxed to, and may include a recipient's name if you provided any information in the second column when you loaded your list data.

The FROM information is provided by you when setting up the broadcast. The field names are only suggested information. You may enter anything you wish in any order. The phone and fax fields will be formatted automatically if you enter valid 10 digit phone numbers.

The SUBJECT is an optional subject line for your fax.

There is also an additional notes field where you can enter some freeform text. No additional formatting is done to the text, in particular, it is not word wrapped, so be sure to include line breaks if you need them. You should use the preview image to verify the text fits in the space alloted.


The document or documents you wish to fax to the people on the list(s). To select multiple documents, hold down the control key (sometimes labeled CTRL). The order you select the documents will not have any effect on the broadcast. Documents will be sent in the order they are listed. If you wish to control the order, you need to plan your document numbers so that the documents will be listed in the order you wish to send them.

Report Type

The type of report (if any) you wish to receive at the end of the broadcast.

Fax / Email

The destination for the report, either a fax number or an email address. If the report type is None, setting a destination will have no effect. If you enter a fax number, be sure to include your area code.

Schedule Broadcast

When you would like to send the broadcast. The default setting is to send the broadcast as soon as you've confirmed it (confirmation will happen on another page). You can instead select a time up to a week in advance for the broadcast to start. All times are listed using the central timezone, with daylight saving time being in effect during the summer. The central timezone is one hour earlier than eastern (so 8am eastern is 7am central). The central timezone is two hours later than pacific (so 8am pacific is 10am central).

Drop in text

Drop in text can be used to personalize the faxes you send.

You will need to plan your document to include the drop in text by leaving a blank area where the text will go. The drop in text can include static text in addition to the dynamic information, so you can include a greeting such as "To: %name%" where the "To: " is added to each document by the drop in text feature (so leave it off the original document).

To add dynamic text, specify the field name inside percent signs (example: %name%).

The following fields are supported:

(additionally field0 through field7 may be used as synonyms for fax through zip)

Custom formats

If you have purchased custom formats, they will be listed with checkboxes in front of them. Check the checkbox to use the custom format.

Custom formats are a way of putting personalized information on to each fax. For example, you might have a cover page where the name, fax number, company name, and company address might be included. The custom format would paste information you loaded with your list at specific locations on the first page.